The end of summer has brought lower natural gas rates to Georgia, and customers should take the opportunity to shop now for a lower rate with®, before natural gas rates go up as the winter heating season begins.

With the competition that has been introduced into the Georgia natural gas industry, customers at AGL can now choose their natural gas supplier, in the same way they can choose their cell phone provider. Natural gas marketers now compete with each other to serve Georgia customers, undercutting each other with lower rates in order to win the customer's business. This means savings for you, but you have to shop around to find the best rate.

And the end of summer has brought lower natural gas rates for shoppers to take advantage of and sign up for before the winter heating season starts. The heating season generally sees an increase in gas prices as demand for natural gas increases, so customers need to shop now to get the best deal.

While the summer has historically been marked by lower natural gas prices, the increased reliance on natural gas for power generation -- and the use of natural gas to fuel power plants on peak summer days -- has meant that the summer is no longer necessarily the best time to shop for a natural gas marketer.

But now with the peak days of summer over, and moderate weather rolling in, natural gas prices have eased. That makes it the ideal time to find the lowest natural gas rate with

SaveOnEnergy gets competing natural gas marketers to compete directly for your business, maximizing your savings.

SaveOnEnergy also takes the work out of finding the lowest energy rate. Instead of having to spend hours researching the dozens of offers from competing energy marketers, customers can simply log onto to find the lowest natural gas rates, all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Shopping for a low natural gas rate with SaveOnEnergy just takes a few minutes, and can save residential customers hundreds of dollars per year.

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