With Labor Day passing and the kids back to school, it's time for Texans to check their energy rate, and see if they can be saving money by shopping for a lower electric rate from a competing retail energy provider on SaveOnEnergy.com.

Although the heat continues to linger over much of Texas, temperatures have "moderated" into the 90s rather than the 100s, and the fall months are always a good time for Texans to check out competing electric prices in the market, now that the summer peak usage periods have ended.

As air conditioning use will soon die down, there will be less demand for electricity, and that means prices will fall, as they generally tend to do in the "shoulder" months of the spring and the fall when less electricity is being used.  No matter what kind of electricity product Texas customers are currently on, it's always a good idea to see if your rate can be even lower.

SaveOnEnergy.com is Texans' one-stop shop for a lower electric billSaveOnEnergy.com screens all the electric providers in the Texas market, and only picks out the most reputable and stable companies that can stand behind their low rates.

SaveOnEnergy.com then gets these electric providers to compete against each other for your business, bringing you the lowest electric rates in Texas.

Texans can simply log onto SaveOnEnergy.com any time, day or night, and compare energy rates based on their zip code or local utility service area.  It takes just a few minutes, and is a fast and easy way to find the lowest electric rate.

Right now, in many parts of Texas, residential customers shopping for a lower rate on SaveOnEnergy.com can find a low electric rate in the 9 cents per kilowatt-hour range.  Many customers, particularly those who have not shopped before, may currently be paying 12 to 13 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity, meaning they could save up to 30% just by choosing a new energy provider with SaveOnEnergy.com.  That works out to savings of nearly $500 annually for the average Texas family using 1,000 kilowatt-hours per month.

The summer's record electricity demand strained the grid and also electricity providers, some of whom have raised prices for their existing customers to 20 cents or more as a result.  That's why Texans need to check their energy rate with every bill, to ensure their provider hasn't increased rates, and that customers aren't needlessly paying more for electricity when low rates are available simply by shopping with SaveOnEnergy.com.

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