Texas electric prices continue to fall, and customers have a real opportunity to save some real money by switching their energy provider . SaveOnEnergy.com makes it easy for customers to take advantage of these savings, by offering simple, side-by-side comparisons of screened and vetted electric companies , offering customers the ability to shop anytime day or night with just a click of the mouse.

With the price of oil and natural gas falling , electric rates are plummeting, and customers are seeing the types of prices they saw in the spring before a big run-up started in May. Texas residential electric rates are some 2-3¢ cheaper than they were just three weeks ago, as the end of summer brings cooler weather and cheaper prices. All and all, it's a good time to shop.

For customers in the Oncor territory, including Dallas-Fort Worth, the best rate at SaveOnEnergy.com is Spark Energy's 11.9¢ per kilowatt-hour offer for its 20% Renewable Advantage 4 plan. Not only do customers get a great rate locked-in for four months, but they also get 20% renewable power to help the environment. That's a combination that can't be beat. The four-month term also gives customers price security while giving them another opportunity to shop in the winter, when the Texas energy providers’ prices may be even lower.

For Dallas area customers preferring to lock-in a cheap electric rate for a longer period of time, MXenergy offers two attractive options. MXenergy is offering an 18-month plan for only 12.2¢, and a 12-month deal for 12.6¢. Both plans give customers extra protection against any possible price increases. Spark Energy's 12-month plan, which also includes 20% renewable energy, is only 12.8¢.

Another attractive offer is Gexa Energy's Guaranteed 6-month plan at 13.3¢. While it's a little pricier, it also includes several bonus features that might be worth the additional cent. Gexa's plan, which is locked-in for six months, allows customers to earn American Airline or Continental Airline frequent flyer miles just for using electricity , which can turn into serious savings on vacations or other travel. Customers can earn 2,000 American Advantage or Continental One Pass bonus miles when signing up with Gexa, and earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on electricity every month.

In Houston, electric rates are a bit higher, as they traditionally are, but have still come down a lot from the heights of summer. Spark Energy's four-month renewable product is the cheapest on SaveOnEnergy.com at 12.9¢, while Spark's 12-month 20% renewable plan is 13.7¢. MXenergy offers an 18-month plan for 13.4¢ while Gexa's six-month plan with bonus airline miles is 13.9¢.

Gexa's six-month plan with bonus airline miles is 13.4¢ for the Corpus Christi (AEP Central) area, the cheapest electricity rate offered on SaveOnEnergy.com for that territory. Prices in Corpus Christi were 17¢, and even higher, just a few weeks ago. And for Texans who thought they weren't going to see 10¢ power again, it's already back for customers in the AEP Texas North territory (Abilene area), with MXenergy offering an 18-month plan for 10.3¢ through SaveOnEnergy.com .

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