Pennsylvania businesses looking to save money on their electric bills when rate caps come off at the remaining utilities -- including PECO in the Philadelphia area -- will be bombarded with offers promising lower electric rates from new electric generation suppliers as well as these suppliers' marketing agents and brokers.  However, only, an independent consultant, can provide customers with low electric rates customized for your business that result from competing energy providers battling head-to-head to win your business.  Only's exclusive retail exchange portal assures customers of finding the lowest electric rates in the market, and not the higher rates of a broker's preferred supplier. 

Starting January 1, 2011, business customers at PECO, Met-Ed, Penelec, and West Penn Power (Allegheny Power) are likely to see electric rate increases as high as 30% if they stay with their utility for their electric supply.  Fortunately, with competition among new alternative energy companies, businesses can lower their electric bills and save thousands, if not millions, each year. 

With the impending end of rate caps at these utilities, over 50 new sales channels, many of them start-ups, are marketing electric supplies to customers.  They all promise lower rates, but many of these sales agents work with only one supplier, or only a handful of preferred suppliers that provide these agents with higher commissions.  It means customers aren't assured of getting an impartial analysis and may not receive the lowest rates. is different.  Only offers business customers the chance to get competing electric rate quotes from up to eight screened and reputable energy providers, ensuring that competition drives the customer's electric rate lower.  All business customers have to do is take a few minutes to enter their information on's commercial exchange portal, and the information is instantly transmitted to the competing energy suppliers, who then develop customized low rates and contact the customer directly.  Because the electric companies on know they are competing against seven other energy suppliers, they are forced to provide their lowest rate to the customer, with no padded margin or profit.  Other electric brokers working with fewer energy providers can't provide the same low rates because there's less competition for your business.  Furthermore, these other brokers may not bid your electric load individually, and instead may only quote a more expensive "standing offer" that the energy supplier provides to them to solicit business.  This all means using another broker to choose an electric company will end up costing you more money than using to make energy suppliers compete for your business.

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