The holiday season.  For most people, that means stretching already thin budgets to accommodate holiday shopping -- gifts, toys, the works.

But what if there was something you could shop for that could actually save you money?  There is, in states like Georgia where customers can choose their energy provider.

Specifically, customers at Atlanta Gas Light can choose among competing gas marketers and natural gas rates to save money and find the best deal.

It's all thanks to the competition which has been introduced into the Georgia natural gas market, so you can shop around for the lowest natural gas rate just like you can shop around for the best price on gasoline, cellular service, groceries, etc.

You don't have to buy your natural gas supply from the monopoly utility anymore.  In fact, Atlanta Gas Light no longer sells customers gas supply, and now only delivers gas from competing natural gas suppliers through its pipes into your home.

For over 10 years, Georgians have had a choice in their natural gas provider, but many customers have not shopped around, or haven't shopped since the market opened.

That means customers aren't getting the best deal, and are paying too much for their natural gas supply.  Switching your natural gas provider -- which takes just a few minutes with® -- can lower your gas bill and put more money in your pocket -- something we all need this time of year.

For example, using, Atlanta Gas Light customers can find rates as low as just over 51¢/therm.  A year ago, average rates were nearly 20% higher, meaning if you haven't shopped around for a low natural gas rate in a while, you're probably paying too much money.

While finding a low natural gas rate may seem daunting amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays, makes the process of saving money on your gas bill quick, easy, and simple -- something you can do anytime day or night, with a just few clicks of the mouse. already screens all the natural gas suppliers in the market, and throws out any that don't make the grade and fail to meet's rigorous standards.  Only the gas marketers with the lowest rates, highest customer service, and managerial competence can compete for your business through then forces these natural gas suppliers to compete for your business by offering their lowest rate.  You can check each supplier's best rate by simply logging onto, entering your zip code, and comparing the best offers from each marketer.  By logging onto's side-by-side comparison of the best natural gas rates in the market, saving extra money during the holidays is easy, and is one less thing to worry about.

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