For the second straight week, falling natural gas prices are prompting Texas electric companies to lower their retail electric rates, as competition is forcing energy suppliers to match their competitors' price cuts. It continues to be a good time to buy.

Now, August is normally the busiest time of the year for the sales and customer service departments at most Texas energy providers. It's when customers start really shopping around for a cheaper electric rate after having received higher bills from summer air conditioning use. So getting the attention of an electric company to get a custom price quote or help you switch is normally a little bit tougher now than during any other time of the year.

But this year it's even more difficult as energy providers have built up a backlog of customer requests for a couple of reasons. First, with record prices, energy suppliers are naturally getting more customer service calls from consumers angry about their bills. Second, higher bills have prompted customers, especially business owners looking for a custom price, to search out a cheaper rate, which has taxed the sales staff at many energy suppliers who are having to produce many more price quotes than they usually generate.

Now that Texas electric rates are falling, even more customers are shopping around and asking for quotes, and many energy providers are simply falling behind in answering all their customers' requests. In order to keep prices down, electric companies aren't top-heavy and don't carry a lot of extra staff, meaning that when they are flooded with customer requests like they are now, it takes them longer to respond, and customers can become frustrated with that non-responsiveness.

How can Texas business customers get to the front of the line? By shopping for electricity through, which offers businesses the opportunity to receive eight competing offers through one click of the mouse. is designed to pit eight electric companies in head-to-head competition for a customer's business. Through’s unique commercial retail exchange portal, business customers can instantly send their information and rate request to eight energy providers, who will then immediately respond directly to the customer.

Because electric companies know requests received through also go to seven other suppliers, responding to quote requests from become their first priority, and suppliers respond to customers as quickly as possible to avoid losing out on a deal. This makes getting a cheaper electric rate a faster and easier process for business customers, who don't have to wait days or a week for their price quote and avoid having their request being buried or missed in the flood that energy suppliers are receiving daily. provides commercial customers with exclusive, one-click access to eight energy suppliers, and empowers them to cut through the backlog of quote requests to start saving money as soon as possible.

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