On Saturday, January 1, electric rate caps expired for the remaining Pennsylvania electric customers at PECO, Met-Ed, Penelec, and West Penn Power (Allegheny).  New, competing energy suppliers are offering residential customers savings of 10%, and are offering business customers savings of 20-30%.

However, as reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer, some customers are reluctant to switch due to their experience with alternative electric suppliers more than 10 years ago, when competition was first introduced to Pennsylvania's electric industry.

The Inquirer relates the story of Jim McLaughlin, one of the few customers who shopped for an alternative energy supplier before.  According to the Inquirer, "McLaughlin doesn't remember the details, but he says the choice brought 'negligible savings' for his home in Broomall. What he does recall is a hassle when the new supplier eventually went belly-up. Now, as a slew of power providers is again vying for his business, McLaughlin may just stick with his familiar utility."

But there's some big differences in shopping for an electric supplier between now and back in the late 1990s.  First, the savings available to customers are no longer negligible.  Competing energy suppliers are offering residential customers the ability to save over $100 per year, while business customers can save thousands.

Just as important, customers no longer have to go it alone when choosing a new electric supplier, and it doesn't have to be a "hassle."  SaveOnEnergy.com scours the market for the lowest electric rates, and brings them directly to customers. 

And customers using SaveOnEnergy.com don't have to worry about their energy supplier going out of business like Jim McLaughlin's did.  SaveOnEnergy.com is run by a team of seasoned energy industry professionals with decades of experience.  This leadership team applies that experience to evaluate and grade competing energy suppliers against a rigorous criteria, screening new electric companies for financial stability, managerial competence, and a track record of reliability and customer service. 

Only energy suppliers meeting the highest standards can offer service through SaveOnEnergy.com.  This means customers are assured of finding not only a low rate, but a reputable, dependable energy supplier that will be around for the long haul.  SaveOnEnergy.com's exclusive screening process protects customers against the risk of being stranded if their electric supplier goes out of business, allowing them to save money on their electric bill without worrying if the lights will go out.

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