Texans are paying the highest electricity bills they have ever paid, and the worst may be yet to come with hotter August temperatures right around the corner. Although energy prices have eased slightly, oil is still above $128 per barrel. Natural gas hit a three-month low last week, but is still hovering around $10.50 per million British thermal unit, nearly double the price last year. In other words, any relief from energy prices isn't going to come quickly.

Hotter temperatures compared with last year's unseasonably mild summer have sent customers' electric bills soaring. Because last year was so cool, with less need for power-draining air conditioning, Texans are seeing 30%, 40% or even 50% jumps in their monthly electricity usage, pushing their bills even higher. Combining this increased usage with higher electric rates just makes things worse.

It's caught some Texans by surprise, as temperatures across the state reached 100 (with even higher heat indexes) in the past few days, while the 100 degree mark wasn't hit until August last year. It doesn't help that the heat has been "sneaky," as the Dallas Morning News put it, meaning in June Texans saw long stretches of very hot weather in the high 90s, but no headline-grabbing heat waves that got consumers thinking about their air conditioning use, and the impact on their power bills.

The heat, of course, makes attempts to cut back on power use to offset higher electricity rates more difficult, since air conditioning is simply a necessity for many customers. But even if customers are forced to run their air conditioners, SaveOnEnergy.com still offers some energy saving tips to make air conditioners work more efficiently, and save you money. Simple steps to make air conditioners more efficient include cleaning filters and coils, and providing shade for A.C. units (check this link for specific tips).

High bills also get customers thinking about their energy provider, and whether they could save money with someone else. SaveOnEnergy.com has the answer for customers, and gives Texans a quick and simple way to compare electricity rates. The lesson from the past few months, when some 45,000 Texans lost their electric company, is that you can't go it alone in choosing something as important and complex as electricity.

SaveOnEnergy.com breaks it down for customers using simple comparisons, giving customers one-click access to compare energy prices and special product features, such as airline bonus miles, bill credits, gift certificates and convenient payment options. Just as important, SaveOnEnergy.com only recommends reputable energy suppliers that won't leave the Texas market and strand customers on high electric rates. That can give customers piece of mind that when they find cheap electricity rates on SaveOnEnergy.com, they know electric companies will stand behind them.

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