New Jersey has opened up its electric industry to competition, allowing competing "third party suppliers" to offer you lower rates for your electric supply.  For business customers, savings of 20-30% are available by choosing a competing energy supplier.  Additionally, choosing an alternative energy provider protects large New Jersey customers from the volatile "hourly" prices they would pay if they bought their power supplies from the utility.

However, shopping for a competing electric supplier is still a new concept to many New Jersey businesses, especially small and mid-sized businesses who don't have specific procurement managers.  That's where comes in, by making finding the lowest electric rate quick and easy.

Only offers New Jersey commercial and industrial customers the opportunity to have up to eight energy suppliers compete directly, head-to-head, to win the customer's business.  Through its exclusive commercial exchange portal, leverages New Jersey customers' power to choose, and forces suppliers into a bidding war if they want to win the customer.

All a customer has to do is enter some information about their business and electric usage on, which takes just a few minutes. then instantly transfers this information to up to eight competing electric suppliers, who then produce custom rate quotes for the business's individual needs.  Because the suppliers know that seven of their competitors will be bidding for the same customer, they are forced to offer their lowest electric rate possible, stripping out any excess margin that they may tack on to their rate when they provide quotes to customers outside of the head-to-head competition created by

Using's exclusive online marketplace drastically reduces the time it takes to find the lowest electric rate, and saves customers the time and hassle of calling each supplier individually.  Energy suppliers competing for the customer through also contact the customer directly with their best offers, so there's no middleman delaying the process of finding the lowest electric rate.  That allows New Jersey business owners to quickly lower their power bill, without diverting time and attention away from running their business.

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