With Texas electric rates the lowest they've been in years, more and more customers are taking advantage of their ability to choose their energy provider and save money by switching.  With over 100 different electric companies in the market, it can get confusing to find the lowest rate, or provider with the best product and services.  That's why SaveOnEnergy.com makes it easy for Texans to find a new electricity company, anytime day or night.


According to the most recent data from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which runs most of the state's power grid, today's lower power prices are inducing more customers to switch. 


So far this year, some 250,000 customers have switched to a new energy supplier -- to get a lower rate, better service, or a green energy product.  That's 25% higher than the number of switches through this time last year.


In April 2009 alone, some 64,000 customers chose a new electric company, a 10% increase from April 2008.


More and more customers are switching because prices are lower than they have been in years.  Customers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth region (Oncor) can lock-in a low, fixed rate of 10¢ per kilowatt-hour for 12 months by switching to a new energy supplier.  Houston-area customers (CenterPoint) can get a 12-month fixed rate for about 10.7¢.  Locking-in these low rates today by choosing a new provider can mean guaranteeing savings now and into the future, even if prices rise again.


But there's more to consider than just price when it comes to choosing a new energy provider.  Customers need to consider the supplier's track record, financial condition, and level of customer service.  Bonus features that some providers offer, like airline miles, gift cards, and bill credits, are another important factor than can increase the value from your energy purchases. 


That's what makes SaveOnEnergy.com an invaluable tool for customers looking for a new energy supplier.  Not only does SaveOnEnergy.com provide a simple and easy way to compare different options and find the lowest rate, but SaveOnEnergy.com does all the homework for customers.  SaveOnEnergy.com only recommends established, proven energy providers with stable business models and established track records of serving customers.  Customers using SaveOnEnergy.com can be assured they won't sign up with a fly-by-night operation that will leave them stranded. 


Additionally, SaveOnEnergy.com does all the research into all the special deals and bonus features electric companies offer, so you can easily compare plans and find the best rate for you.  SaveOnEnergy.com breaks down bonuses like airline miles, bill credits, loyalty programs, gift cards, and other benefits for signing up with a specific company. 


SaveOnEnergy.com allows you to find the best electric rate possible, and to join the increasing number of Texans saving money on their electric bills by choosing a new provider.

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