With Pennsylvania electric rates projected to increase up to 30% starting January 1, 2011 as rate caps expire for the remaining areas of the state, Pennsylvania businesses are being bombarded by promises of lower electric rates and savings from all types of sources: door-to-door solicitors, tv and radio ads, billboards, and social network marketing.

However, Pennsylvania businesses have to be careful when shopping for a low electric rate, especially when approached by door-to-door sales agents claiming to be brokers or consultants.

In many cases, these self-identified brokers are merely marketing arms of specific energy suppliers.  They are not truly independent brokers that work to get customers the lowest energy rate.  Instead, they are simply a "hired gun" sales force whose job it is to enroll the customer with their client.  Small businesses, particularly storefront businesses and mom and pop shops, need to be acutely aware of this, since they will likely be visited multiple times by a number of different agents trying to get them to switch their electric supplier.  While these agents may be able to promise some savings, customers will be leaving money on the table if they don't shop around and get electric price quotes from numerous energy suppliers.

These door-to-door agents often are armed with preset electric rates, which are essentially "standing offers" that their client suppliers have authorized them to make available.  This means the rates are generic prices geared towards some average customer, and are not designed to maximize your energy savings by delivering you a customized price quote.  These offers can also become stale, and miss out on price drops in the market that customers could otherwise receive by shopping around.

Pennsylvania businesses looking for a lower electric rate need an independent source to compare multiple rate offers, not just one or two.  SaveOnEnergy.com, a truly independent exchange to compare electric prices, fills this need by offering Pennsylvania businesses customized rate quotes from up to eight energy suppliers competing head-to-head, ensuring customers get the lowest price

The best part is it takes only a few minutes to get these competing rate offers, using SaveOnEnergy.com's exclusive retail exchange portal.  Similar to LendingTree, customers just enter some information about their electric account and usage, and the information is instantly transmitted to up to eight competing energy providers who contact the customer directly with their best offers. 

Electric suppliers competing for customers on SaveOnEnergy.com's platform don't leave any margin on the table, because they know that they have to beat seven other electric companies to win the account.  In contrast, an agent soliciting a customer door-to-door may show a customer only one or two electric rate offers, neither of which likely is the lowest from a particular supplier, which gives the customer no real choice.

SaveOnEnergy.com can therefore get Pennsylvania business customers the lowest electric rate, saving them hundreds if not thousands on their electric bills, by putting the power of real competition in the customer's hands.

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