More and more Texans are shopping around for the cheapest electric rate and are leaving their old legacy energy provider, but a majority of Texas residents still buy electricity from the company that served them before they had a choice, passing up the savings available from competing energy suppliers. For customers still not shopping, provides the simplest and easiest way to find the best electric rates out there.

ERCOT, the organization that runs the state's electric gird, reported that customer switches to different electric companies were up "significantly" in June, an indication that customers reacted to higher June prices and shopped around for better deals. Customer switches reached 80,000 for the month, nearly double the total from May.

With prices now falling, it's an even better time to shop, and this month's numbers should exceed even June's levels.

Additionally, ERCOT reported that 43% of residential customers have switched away from their old legacy provider, known as the Affiliated REP or AREP, as of June 30, 2008. That's an increase from 39% a year ago. The AREPs are the companies like TXU, Reliant, CPL, WTU and First Choice Power that customers had been on before choice began, although sometimes under different names (like Houston Light & Power).

While the number of customers shopping for a better electric rate than that offered by their AREP is increasing, a majority of Texans are leaving money on the table by sticking with their AREP, even though they now have a choice for cheaper electric rates.

Two of the biggest reasons customers often cite for not switching, even when there are cheaper deals out there, is that shopping is confusing, and that they trust their AREP more than some of the new electric companies.

Fortunately, the online comparison website has answered both of these concerns, and makes shopping for the best electric rate simple and pain free, while assuring customers that only high-quality, reputable energy providers are listed. culls through the hundreds of residential offers in the market to pick only the best deals, ranking companies on price, customer service, payment options, and bonus features like airline miles or rebates.'s unique portal breaks down the offers into easy to understand comparisons, showing customers the rate as well as additional features of each offer, so customers can make a quick and easy comparison of the best offers.

Customers can also rest easy that the energy provider they choose through will be reputable, financially secure, and won't suddenly leave the market and strand customers. The energy suppliers vetted by are every bit as reliable and dependable as the old AREPs, and in some cases, more so, with extended customer service hours and online service options. In fact, one of the old AREPs, First Choice Power, is considering selling its business, which means customers could be transferred to another provider.

In a quickly evolving Texas electric market, being with the AREP doesn't give customers any additional security, and the electric companies on are just as competent and stable and ready to provide dependable service at cheaper rates. With vetting every aspect of their recommended energy suppliers, customers no longer have to pass up savings because they're afraid of leaving their AREP.

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