Pennsylvania business customers can save money on both their electric and natural gas bills by shopping for an alternative electric or gas supplier, under the competitive markets set up in the state.  Shopping for an electricity rate will become imperative for business customers facing rates hikes of 30% starting January 1, 2011, as decades-old rate caps expire at the last remaining utilities, such as PECO in the Philadelphia area.  The competitive energy markets are a vast and complicated field, and can help customers navigate this new terrain to ensure that they pay the lowest rates for their electric and natural gas supplies.

Only offers its exclusive retail exchange portal, in which up to eight competing energy suppliers compete directly for your business.  The exchange portal is like an online clearinghouse (think where new energy providers produce customized low rates to meet your supply needs.  Businesses just need to enter some basic information about their electric usage and utility service area, and the information is instantly transmitted to up to eight competing energy suppliers.

One of the many features that sets apart from other brokers is that the exchange portal allows customers to receive rate offers directly from the competing suppliers.  In this way, customers can be assured that offers are not being "filtered" to favor one supplier.  Other brokers, who act as a go-between in providing the rate quotes to customers, may have an incentive to hold back the lowest rates, because the lowest rates are from a supplier that pays a lower commission to the broker.  Since's exchange portal provides the rates directly to the customer with no middleman, customers can be assured that they are not being steered toward higher rates.

By having up to eight competing energy providers competing for the customer's business,'s exchange portal creates a cut-throat competitive environment that benefits customers.  Suppliers who may hold back their lowest rates when selling to a customer one-on-one (in hopes that the customer does not shop around) can't afford to do so with, because one of the other seven suppliers competing for the customer through the exchange portal will surely undercut them.  In this way, ensures that customers get the lowest rates possible, without spending hours and days reviewing and comparing different energy companies and rates.

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