Pennsylvania commercial electric customers in the Philadelphia area will soon start seeing the effect of higher rates at PECO, as bills for January usage are issued.  Although we've been warning customers of the up to 50% generation rate increase that occurred at PECO with the end of rate caps, the bills for January usage will be the first manifestation of this electric rate shock.

Although some 49,000 PECO small commercial customers have chosen a lower electric rate from a competing energy supplier, that's only about 30% of PECO's commercial; customer base -- meaning the vast majority of PECO's commercial customers are going to see generation rate shock in the January bill.

Once customers open their January bill, they'll want to shop for a competing electric supplier as soon as possible -- one that can offer savings of 20%-30% off PECO's electric rate. is Pennsylvania customers' one-stop shop for finding a lower electric rate, and is the fastest and easiest way for businesses to save money on their electric bill.

To allow customers to shop and switch as quickly as possible to maximize their savings, only offers business customers the ability to put up to eight competing electric suppliers in head-to-head competition.  With suppliers directly competing for the customer's business, slashes the time it takes to find the lowest rate, as customers no longer have to call each supplier looking for a price quote, which can take weeks.

Instead, through's exclusive exchange portal, customers just enter some quick information about their business, which is instantly transmitted to the competing electric suppliers.  The suppliers then develop custom rate quotes for the customer's account, knowing that they need to provide their lowest rate or else be outbid by a competitor.  Electric suppliers contact the customer directly with their lowest offers, without any middleman, making the shopping process faster and easier.'s automated and seamless process allows business customers to shop for lower electric rates any time day or night, with just a few clicks of the mouse, instead of having to devote resources during normal business hours to calling energy suppliers for quotes.  Best of all, suppliers on provide customers with their lowest rates in less than a few days, allowing customers seeing their January bill to get off PECO's high electric rates as quickly as possible.

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