The weeks and months are quickly passing by for Pennsylvania customers at PECO in the Philadelphia area and other utilities staring at looming electric rate hikes starting January 1, 2011, with only 45 days left to avoid the rate hikes by shopping for a lower price with an alternative energy supplier.

But with over 150 different electric generation suppliers competing for Pennsylvanians' business, finding the right one -- fast -- is a tough job for customers who have never shopped for power before.

That's why is customers' one-stop shop for savings on their energy bills.'s exclusive exchange portal allows customers to instantly put the power of competition at their fingertips, by getting up to eight competing electric suppliers to compete for the customer's business.

That drastically reduces the time of combing through multiple rate quotes from the over 100 new electric companies, many of which are comparing apples to oranges when it comes to marketing their rates. gives customers a true apples-to-apples comparison, so customers understand how much savings each new supplier is offering.

More importantly, all the energy providers which compete on have been vetted against the highest standards for ethics and customers service.  A lot of new start-ups are competing for Pennsylvanians' business, but these companies haven't proven that they can withstand the volatility of the energy market where spiking electric and natural gas prices have put energy suppliers out of business in other markets like Texas. 

Only rigorously screens each energy supplier to determine its managerial competency, financial fitness, and long-term stability.  This screening process ensures that customers not only get the lowest electric rate, but a company that will be around for the long haul, and won't leave customers stranded without electricity.

Vetting all 150 companies in the Pennsylvania electric market would take months for customers to do on their own -- and the task would be impossible because many companies are privately held and do not publicize their financial position.  However, the energy industry experts at have access to energy suppliers' financials, complaint history, and their overall record of serving customers, and only the cream of the crop get to compete on  This gives customers peace of mind, and makes the new experience of switching to a lower electric rate simple for customers.

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