As noted last week, Pennsylvania electric customers in the PPL territory are facing rates hikes of up to 36% starting January 1, 2010, if they don't shop for a lower electric rate from a competing energy supplier.  Businesses shopping for a lower rate can cut the expected increase by more than half, and save about 20% on their electric bills.

However, there are about 50 alternative energy providers competing for the business of Pennsylvania's commercial and industrial customers.  Some of them have been in the state since customers could first shop for electricity in the late 1990s, while others have just recently been licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

The challenge for Pennsylvania businesses will be finding the right energy company and the lowest rate in this competing herd of providers.  And although 50 is a large number of competing providers, they won't automatically give you their best rate if they don't think they have to win your business.  Electric companies will typically offer you a higher rate in their initial quote, in hopes you accept the first offer and don't shop around to see what else is out there.

That's why Pennsylvania businesses need to use to find the lowest electric rate.

Only offers business customers its one-of-a-kind retail exchange portal that pits up to eight competing electric companies against each other.  That direct, head-to-head competition means customers get the lowest rate possible, and aren't stuck paying a higher rate than they should.  Because energy suppliers competing for customers through know they must beat the price of up to seven other providers, they can't add any extra margin to their electric rates, and have to pass on all the savings to the customer to win the customer's business.

Customers shopping through's retail exchange portal are also assured of finding a reputable, financially sound provider that will honor their contract and term.'s rigorous screening criteria -- which looks at financial resources, managerial competence, technical fitness, and customer service -- eliminates fly-by night operators among the 50 certified suppliers in Pennsylvania that may be offering a low teaser rate, but wont be able to stand behind it in a year.  That means business relying on to find the best energy price don't have to worry about their energy provider going out of business or jacking up rates, because's industry experts have vetted all of their suppliers, and only list top-flight firms.

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