The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and Attorney General recently issued a consumer alert warning customers about fraudulent marketers claiming to be from the local utility, and promising customers a lower energy rate, when in fact the company is not the utility and is charging a higher rate.

These alerts show why Pennsylvania customers shouldn't just take the first offer of a lower electric rate that comes across their door.

Instead, customers need to actively compare electric rates from competing suppliers, to determine if the rate they are being offered is really a good deal.

That's where® is an invaluable resource for customers. offers Pennsylvania customers an online marketplace for their electric and natural gas supply, and forces energy suppliers to compete head-to-head for your business.

Instead of just getting one offer from a cold call that may not be the best rate, customers using can instantly find all of the best electric rates in the market, just by entering their zip code.

Customers don't have to guess how good a deal they will be getting; they can see how each supplier's offer stacks up against the rest. also screens each supplier in the marketplace, and only lists offers from reputable companies with track records of compliance and customer satisfaction.

By combining the lowest energy rates in the market with its rigorous screening process, assures customers that when they shop for a lower energy rate, they're going to get the best deal, and from an energy company that will treat them right.

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