Even though electric rate caps have not expired in much of Pennsylvania yet (and won't until 2010 or 2011), thousands of Pennsylvania customers are already shopping for a lower electric rate by choosing an alternative energy supplier.  Customers can quickly find cheaper electricity rates by using SaveOnEnergy.com to get energy providers to compete for their business, all with just a few clicks of the mouse

In the Philadelphia area, PECO's rates are still subject to rate caps.  However, the rate caps were set so high, that the recent recession and accompanying fall in power prices mean that competing energy companies can offer customers savings over the rates PECO charges.

In fact, more than 20,000 customers in the Philadelphia area are already buying their electric supply from a company other than PECO, saving money and getting flexible products and better customer service.

While several large utilities still have rate caps, customers out west have had a choice of alternative energy suppliers for years, as rate caps ended earlier in those service areas.

For example, at Duquesne Light, which serves Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, more than half of industrial customers are shopping for electricity to save money on their electric bills.  About 20% of residential and commercial customers have also chosen a new power provider.  At nearby Penn Power, covering areas around New Castle and north of Pittsburgh, over two-thirds of industrial customers are shopping, while 13% of residential and commercial customers have chosen an alternative supplier.

SaveOnEnergy.com puts the power of competition in the hands of Pennsylvania electric customers, by making it easy to get the lowest rates from competing suppliers.  Through SaveOnEnergy.com's online exchange portal, business customers can have up to eight electric companies compete head-to-head to win their business, meaning businesses can get the lowest rate possible.

SaveOnEnergy.com also ensures customers get a reputable, reliable electric company, in addition to a low rate.  The industry experts at SaveOnEnergy.com screen all energy providers and only recommend those with sound financial footing, high levels of customer service and innovative products.  That way, Pennsylvanians shopping for a new electric provider for the first time can save money confidently, knowing they'll still be served by a reliable and dependable company.

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