Electric customers in the PECO territory around Philadelphia can still save big by shopping for a competing electric supplier through SaveOnEnergy.com®, even as PECO's Price to Compare decreased on January 1.

The Price to Compare is the electric rate charged to customers who take PECO's "default service" -- meaning those customers who haven't shopped for an alternative electric supplier.

On January 1, PECO's Price to Compare was set at 8.69 cents per kWh.  While this is lower than the Price to Compare in effect for the last quarter of 2012, it's still much higher than electric rates from competing energy suppliers in the market.  Customers who don't shop for their electric supplier will be missing out on big savings.

Electric suppliers competing for residential customers through SaveOnEnergy.com can offer customers an additional 10-15% savings versus the PECO electric rate.  Depending on customer usage, that could mean over $100 in savings over a year.

Business customers can save even more money by shopping with SaveOnEnergy.com, up to 30% or more.

The best part is that saving money on your electric bill with SaveOnEnergy.com is quick and easy, and takes just a few minutes.  SaveOnEnergy.com already scours the market for the lowest electric rates, and weeds out any disreputable providers, so you not only get a great rate, but also a stable and secure electric supplier with high levels of customer service that can stand behind their savings.

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