If you own or run a business in the PPL service territory of Pennsylvania, now is the time to lock in a cheap, fixed electric rate with an energy provider for when rate caps expire January 1, 2010.

Based on current projections, PPL's rates for small business customers are expected to rise 21% starting January 1.  Rates for mid-sized business customers will rise even higher, with an estimated 40% increase.  Although PPL has not yet purchased power supplies for large business customers, these customers will be served on "hourly" wholesale market prices, which wildly fluctuate throughout the day.

Because Pennsylvanians have a choice in their energy companies, they can avoid these rate hikes, and the price spikes that accompany hourly pricing.  Competitive electricity companies are offering business customers at PPL fixed-rate plans with substantial savings, offering customers both budget certainty and a low electric rate.

While rate caps don't expire until January 1, now is the time to shop for a new energy provider.  First, with the recession depressing wholesale power prices, energy prices are the lowest they have been in some five years.  This makes it the perfect time to lock-in a low electric rate for the long-term, to shield your business from any future rate increases.  The best part is that you can choose a new electric provider now, but have your new contract take effect January 1, so that you continue to be served under capped rates until then, and then immediately start saving when the rate caps expire.

Second, the switching process can take up to two billing cycles (45-60 days) to take effect.  This means that to ensure that you switch to a new energy supplier with a low rate by January 1, 2010, you need to submit your switch by the end of October. 

SaveOnEnergy.com ensures that you get the lowest rate possible when shopping for a new energy supplier, and makes the process simple and easy.  SaveOnEnergy.com puts the power of competition at your fingertips by pitting up to eight competing energy providers head-to-head for your business.  Without SaveOnEnergy.com, this would be a time consuming process, spent calling suppliers, getting quotes, and trying to negotiate for their best rate.

With SaveOnEnergy.com, it takes just a few minutes.  All you need to do is enter a little information about your company and electric usage on SaveOnEnergy.com's exclusive retail exchange portal, and the information is instantly transmitted to up to eight competing suppliers.  Suppliers then contact you directly, saving time without any back-and-forth with a middleman, and offer you their best rate, knowing they are competing against up to eight other suppliers.  Saving money on your electric bill couldn't be easier.

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