Although PPL Electric Utilities' electric rate, or Price to Compare, will decrease marginally on September 1, the new rates remain at elevated levels for residential and small commercial and industrial customers.

Specifically, for residential customers, the new PPL Electric Price to Compare will be 8.814¢/kWh, starting September 1.  That's only 0.2 cents cheaper than the current residential PPL Price to Compare of 9.036¢/kWh.

For small business customers, including customers in Rate Classes GS-1 and GS-3, the new PPL Price to Compare will be 8.785¢/kWh starting September 1.  That's not even one full cent cheaper than the current small business Price to Compare of 9.585¢/kWh.

The Price to Compare is the electric rate that PPL charges customers for their electricity supply if the customer does not choose a competing electric supplier.  The Price to Compare for residential and small business customers generally changes every three months, and will change again on December 1.

PPL Electric Utilities no longer owns power plants and does not generate its own power.  The Price to Compare reflects the cost of market purchases that PPL must make to serve the electricity supply needs of customers who do not shop for their own electric supplier.

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