Texans are seeing it across the state -- falling energy prices , which means it's a good time to shop for a new electricity rate for your home.

The statewide average for regular self-serve has fallen to $3.64/gallon, with prices in Houston falling 11¢ over the week to $3.60. It's all because oil has dropped about $30 per barrel in the last month, and recently closed at under $114/barrel.

It also means Texas electric rates are sliding, and energy suppliers are offering their cheapest rates in months. Customers can find the cheapest electric rates at SaveOnEnergy.com , which makes electricity shopping a hassle-free breeze for residential customers, offering easy to understand comparisons of the best electric rates .

In the Dallas area, customers can lock-in a 12-month fixed price with MXenergy for just 14.2¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh), which is anywhere from 10-20% lower than prevailing prices from June and July.

Dallas customers concerned that prices will keep falling have two good short-term options that will give customers price certainty for a short period of time, while serving as a bridge to the fall or winter when prices may be lower.

Cirro Energy's "Smart Lock" six-month plan is only 14.1¢/kWh and is the cheapest Dallas area rate on SaveOnEnergy.com . Green Mountain Energy also offers a three-month plan for only 14.9¢ which gives customers the added benefit of pollution free power. Customers looking for a bonus with their electricity plan can choose Gexa Energy's 12-month plan for only 15.3¢, which allows customers to earn either American Airlines or Continental Airlines frequent flyer miles simply for using electricity .

In Houston, Cirro's "Smart Lock" six-month plan is the same price as in Dallas, just 14.1¢/kWh. The cheapest 12-month offer for Houston is 15.4¢/kWh, offered by both Cirro and MXenergy. That's a big drop from 12-month price certainty plans that were in the 17-18¢ range just a month ago. Green Mountain's three-month pollution free product is 15.9¢/kWh in Houston, while Gexa's 12-month plan with bonus airline miles is 16.5¢.

Aside from giving customers a cheaper electric rate , the best part about SaveOnEnergy.com is that customers know they'll be safe from losing their energy provider , which happened to about 40,000 customers who were buying from less stable firms earlier this summer.

But SaveOnEnergy.com only recommends financially robust electric companies with proven track records of excellent customer service and support. Customers can shop with peace of mind knowing they're buying from fully vetted energy providers that aren't going to leave them stranded.

Just last week, for example, Cirro Energy was bought by Dominion Retail , an electric company with operations in 12 states and 1.7 million customers, further strengthening Cirro's position. All of the energy suppliers on SaveOnEnergy.com are similarly robust and reputable companies, and Texans can be sure they're picking the right energy provider . Electric companies on SaveOnEnergy.com also ranked highly in a new customer satisfaction survey by J.D. Power, with Green Mountain and Gexa taking two of the top spots.

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