Business customers at Allegheny Power in Pennsylvania, also known as West Penn Power, are facing a 30% increase in their electric rates starting January 1, 2011 when rate caps expire at the utility.

According to recently filed tariffs with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, business customers on Schedule 30, which is for mid-sized customers, will pay a generation charge of about 6.5¢/kWh.  That's nearly 30% higher than the current generation charge of 5.1¢/kWh.  The generation charge also doesn't include transmission costs, which means that business customers' "all-in" rate for generation service from the utility will be even higher -- about 6.8¢/kWh.

Unless business customers at Allegheny Power shop for a lower electric rate, they will automatically be charged this 30% rate hike.  Under the new competitive market which has been introduced into the Pennsylvania electric industry, new, alternative energy suppliers can provide customers with generation supplies -- at rates significantly lower than the utility.

By shopping around for a lower-cost electric supplier, business customers at Allegheny Power can expect to save 20-30% on their electric costs, or more, depending on their usage and type of business. is the best source to compare electric rates at Allegheny Power, and the rest of the Pennsylvania utilities.  Only allows customers to get up to eight competing rate quotes from alternative energy suppliers battling head-to-head to win the customer's business.  This head-to-head competition forces suppliers to provide customers with their absolute lowest rate, with no fat margins, because they have to be able to undercut the best rates from the seven other suppliers competing for the same customer. 

This competition on's commercial exchange portal makes finding a lower energy rate fast and easy for Pennsylvania customers.  Instead of fielding sales calls from dozens of new energy suppliers all promising a low rate, customers can instantly log onto to put suppliers to the test all at the same time.  Instead of wondering if they're getting the best rate from their electric supplier, Pennsylvanians using are assured that the head-to-head competition only available on is driving prices to their absolute lowest, maximizing customers' savings on their electric bills.

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