This week, celebrates its eighth year of saving customers money on their electric bills by finding them the lowest energy rate

Founded in 2003, was created to help consumers take advantage of the emerging competitive energy markets, by making saving money on energy prices simple.  Since that time, has helped hundreds of thousands of customers -- large and small, from business owners to homeowners -- save money by putting the power of competition in their hands.

Having grown to offer its money-saving tools to customers in every competitive electric and natural gas market in the United States, is still the only place where business owners can take advantage of the commercial exchange portal, which pits up to eight energy suppliers in head to head competition for the customer's business.  This unique exchange portal -- the of the energy world-- is only one of the many features that have made the pre-eminent, one-stop shop for customers looking to save money on their energy bills.

With energy prices at historic lows, hundreds of new upstarts have flooded the market promising customers savings.  Only has been there from the beginning, shepherding customers through market spikes and contractions -- from the price spikes after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, to the credit market shock of 2008 -- ensuring customers find a viable energy provider that not only provides low rates, but will be around for the long haul and won't leave customers stranded.'s energy industry experts have seen it all in their over 50 years of experience, and stand ready to use that experience to bring lower rates and more value to customers as the energy industry undergoes its biggest transformation in nearly a century.  Green energy, smart grid, distributed generation, "nodal" pricing -- the experts can help customers navigate this sea of changes in the energy markets to ensure that they get the lowest rates no matter what new trends are shaping prices.

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