There's been a lot of press recently in the Philadelphia area about electric suppliers' compliance with various consumer protection provisions, and whether suppliers are fairly marketing to and treating customers.

Regardless of the specific stories, the bottom line is, that while the majority of new competitive energy suppliers are legitimate and reputable businesses that can save Pennsylvania businesses 20-30% on their utility bills, there are always a few bad apples.

And the worst part for Pennsylvania customers, who are shopping for a lower electric rate for the first time, is that there's really no way for customers themselves to check up on a supplier.  Saving money on your electric bill isn't like buying a car, where you can kick the tires.  It's a muddled, non-transparent process, with companies you've likely never heard of before, and whose record and history isn't always obtainable.

That's why Pennsylvania customers need a helping hand in navigating the new world of saving money on their electric bill by shopping for power.  The right electric supplier can save business customers thousands of dollars per year, but the wrong supplier can expose customers to higher rates, and the risk of a loss of service.

That's why using the energy industry experts at is critical in finding the lowest electric rate. knows all the players in the electric market, and which ones will stand by you, and which ones don't have such a strong record. 

Only meticulously screens all the energy suppliers in the market using a rigorous criteria that evaluates the supplier's financial history, stability, and current position; the supplier's management team and experience; and the supplier's record of serving customers in Pennsylvania and other markets across the country.  Only those electric companies meeting the highest standards, that are assured of providing customers with quality service at low rates, can compete for customers on

With, customers can avoid the potential pitfalls of electric choice, and be assured that their low rate isn't just a gimmick from some fly-by-night company.  Using, customers receive the lowest energy rates in the market, from proven suppliers who can stand behind their offers, and who will honor their commitments to customers.

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