With electric rate caps expiring for the remaining 60% of Pennsylvania customers on January 1, 2011, dozens of new energy providers are flooding the market trying to profit from switching customers to a lower energy rate.

While that's good news for customers because it means competition will drive electric rates down, it also means customers must be vigilant in finding a reputable supplier among the over 100 electric companies now vying for customers' business.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission reports that there are 124 active and licensed electric generation suppliers as of June -- an increase of nearly 50 suppliers since the start of the year, as new competing energy providers eye serving customers hoping to avoid utility rate hikes of up to 30% by switching electric suppliers.  There's about 20 more suppliers with license applications still pending before the Public Utility Commission, and there could be as many as 150 energy suppliers in the market before the year is out.

So how do Pennsylvania customers -- the vast majority of which have never shopped for an electricity provider before -- find the right supplier.  That's where the industry experts at SaveOnEnergy.com come in, who can not only help customers find the lowest energy rate, but can make sure customers find a reputable and trustworthy energy supplier.

In general, customers should have no qualms about choosing a new energy supplier.  Regardless of who the customer chooses, the local utility -- PECO, PPL, etc. -- will still deliver your power over their transmission lines, and will still respond to outages and other service disruptions as they do now.

However, just as customers wouldn't pick their doctor or mechanic without doing research and asking around, picking the first energy supplier that offers a low rate is not the wisest decision.  Selling electricity is a complex and highly technical business, and not just every venture capitalist can build a successful start-up that can serve customers for the long haul.  In other states where customers can choose their energy provider -- Texas, Ohio, Maryland, and even in Pennsylvania in the 1990s -- energy suppliers have left customers stranded on higher rates by not living up to their contracts or going out of business, because of the volatility in the electric and natural gas markets.

SaveOnEnergy.com helps customers weed out weak or unstable energy suppliers, and only recommends established suppliers with track records of providing customers with savings over the long haul.

SaveOnEnergy.com's seasoned management team, with decades of experience in the energy industry, screen all the players in the market, and search for electric suppliers with proven financial stability and established and trustworthy leadership with significant experience in serving satisfied customers.  SaveOnEnergy.com pours through public and proprietary market data to vet each and every supplier, to ensure they aren't taking risks with their customers' money, or gambling on the market. 

By vigorously screening and recommending energy suppliers for customers, SaveOnEnergy.com ensures that when customers use SaveOnEnergy.com to find a low electric rate, there won't be any surprises down the line; customers will be assured of saving money on their electric bill for 12, 24, or even 60 months.  Taking just a few minutes to find a low energy rate on SaveOnEnergy.com takes the guesswork out of finding the right energy supplier, and gives customers peace of mind that's not available when they go it alone.

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