Starting this month, Texans will start getting their first electric bills of the season reflecting higher amounts for summer air conditioning usage.  Seeing these higher bills, which can increase monthly electric costs by at least $100, is what typically drives most Texans to shop for a lower electric rate, even though summer is traditionally not the best time to find a low rate.

However, so far this summer, Texas electric rates have remained low, meaning it's still a great time to lock-in a low, secured fixed rate for electricity when you get that first summer power bill. is Texans' one-stop shop for finding a low electric rate and comparing the different offers and options from energy suppliers.

Even though the weather has heated up, which typically pushes Texas electric rates higher, rates have remained relatively stable over the past two months, and the great deals that were available in the spring are still around.

Texas electric rates remain at historic lows because of reduced demand due to the recession, and a much lower price for natural gas, the main driver of Texas electric prices.  Last week, even as a heat wave boosted power consumption across much of the United States, natural gas prices were down another 6% as storage inventories continued to grow. 

This means great deals on electric rates are still available to Texans.  For example, customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex (at Oncor) can lock-in a low, fixed rate for electricity for just over 9¢ per kilowatt-hour.  In Houston (at CenterPoint), low fixed rates are available for just above 10¢ per kilowatt-hour, which is half of what the prevailing Texas electric rates were just two summers ago.  Customers need to lock-in a low electric rate now to take advantage of these historic low prices, and avoid any potential spike in Texas electric rates, such as the rates of more than 20¢ per kilowatt-hour seen during the summer of 2008.

If you've put off shopping for a low electric rate until seeing that first monster power bill of the summer, there's still time to act. offers customers the fastest and easiest way to compare the lowest electric rates in Texas, allowing customers to save money on their power bills with just a few clicks of the mouse any time day or night.

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