, your source for finding the best electric rate, is now giving you the same quick and easy access to green energy options for your home or business, with the launch of  That means shopping for green energy is now simple, and can be done with just a few clicks of the mouse, anytime day or night. works just like, which has saved thousands of customers money on their electric bill, only it offers exclusively the best green and renewable energy rates and products.  All the features that make the best choice for finding low energy prices are there -- a number of energy suppliers competing to offer the lowest rate, a simple and fast interface, and the peace of mind from choosing from a selection of vetted and screened energy providers. 


Aside from reducing air pollution and carbon emissions, green energy decreases our dependence on foreign energy sources.  Plus, using green energy can often save you money, because green energy sources like wind aren't prone to commodity price spikes like oil and natural gas.


For business users, uses's unique retail exchange portal, which pits competing energy companies head-to-head to win your business.  That means when you're shopping for green energy, you'll be assured of getting the lowest rate possible.  All it takes is a few minutes to enter your business information, and instantly transmits the data to competing energy providers, who then contact you directly with their best offer.  You can also request custom quotes for a specific amount or type of green energy.  It means businesses can spend less time shopping for green energy, while still getting the lowest rate. 


For homeowners looking to help the environment and cut their carbon footprint, lets you quickly compare competing green energy offers so you can find the best plan that fits your needs. takes the hassle out of finding the right green energy plan for your home, and lets you compare plans on price, term length, and special offers and bonus features, such as airline miles or gift certificates.  It's a convenient, effortless way for you to go green without requiring you to do anything different, except choose a cleaner energy provider. 

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