Ongoing fears of worldwide recession continue to depress energy prices, with natural gas, the driver of Texas electric rates, falling to a 13-month low in electronic trading.  Natural gas is hovering around the $6/MMBtu mark, the lowest level since September 2007.  Even a cut in oil production from OPEC could not reverse falling prices, as investors fear the economic slowdown will reduce demand for energy and erode prices.

While customers might wisely be out shopping for a lower electric rate amid the falling energy prices, they might run into a big barrier -- some energy suppliers are suspending enrollment of new customers because of credit and financial problems.  That's right; some electric companies are turning away customers, particularly commercial customers, because serving them on a fixed-price contract would entail higher credit obligations and risk.  It could mean customers end up doing all their homework, researching energy providers and looking for a quote, only to be told they can't be enrolled.

Texas customers can avoid this frustration, however, by using to choose their next energy provider.'s exclusive retail exchange portal takes all the legwork out of getting quotes and researching energy suppliers.  Instead of customers having to guess which suppliers are still accepting new customers, with business customers simply enter their information on's website, and the information is instantly transmitted to several electric companies who are competing head-to-head, and want to enroll the customer.

In the best of times,'s exchange portal is a convenient way for businesses to shop for power any time of day or night, quickly and easily.  But with the turmoil in the financial and energy markets, using to find the cheapest electric rate for your business is even more important.

First, screens all its energy suppliers so only those with the utmost financial strength qualify to compete for your business. also only recommends electric companies with low prices, innovative products, and high levels of customer service.

Second, now saves business customers from going on a wild goose chase, by putting business customers in touch with energy providers who want the customer's business.  Customers using's exchange portal won't run into the problem of having to navigate today's confusing and uncertain marketplace, and won't meet resistance from electric companies not interested in enrolling new customers. streamlines the process of shopping for electricity, and saves business owners the headache of trying to figure out which suppliers are taking on new customers, and which are on a hiatus.  With today's present buying opportunity due to lower energy prices, is a simple, hassle-free way to cash in on the falling prices.

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