Whether you're a business owner or a homeowner shopping for electricity, looking at price is just the beginning.  With over one hundred energy providers competing for your business, it's hard to separate the good values from the fly-by-night operations.  And the wrong choice can have big consequences.  Not only could you lose the low rate you thought you were getting, but you could end up on the highest priced electricity plan in the market, known as the Provider of Last Resort. 

This very nightmare happened to thousands of Texans in 2008 as several electric companies were mismanaged, leaving customers stranded.  Some of these providers were typically among the lowest priced companies in the market, but the cheap electricity rate was merely a mirage which soon disappeared, leaving customers paying rates that were 8, 9, and even 10 cents per kilowatt-hour above what they thought they were getting.

That's why when you shop for electricity, you need an expert to help guide you and weed out the pretenders from the contenders.  That's where SaveOnEnergy.com comes in.  Not only does SaveOnEnergy.com allow you to shop for a low electric rate any time day or night, it also rigorously screens competing energy suppliers so that only reputable electric companies compete for your business.

And SaveOnEnergy.com just strengthened its already robust screening process and supplier criteria, to give you even more peace of mind.  The energy experts at SaveOnEnergy.com, with decades of experience in the industry, vet potential energy companies against a wealth of benchmarks and industry standards for financial fitness, managerial experience, technical ability, product innovation, and customer service. 

For Business Customers:

Of course, the bottom line that customers care about is price, and SaveOnEnergy.com only recommends suppliers with competitive pricing that offers consistent savings, whether the product is fixed, variable, or a blend in between the two.  But before a supplier can even quote a price through SaveOnEnergy.com, it must prove its competence so you are assured a positive customer experience.

As noted, the financial stability and technical fitness of a supplier's management is paramount to ensuring that the low price you are quoted is honored for the life of your contract.  SaveOnEnergy.com's experts scrutinize suppliers and only recommend those with an established and trustworthy management team with significant industry experience.  Suppliers must prove their financial strength and wherewithal before they can compete for your business.

Perhaps the second biggest headache that can develop for a business owner, after losing their electric company to financial ruin, is a supplier that can't bill the customer properly.  While business owners may not initially think about billing being a problem for energy suppliers, some suppliers cannot handle so-called "complex billing" for customers with interval or real-time metering information.  Another problem that often crops up with inexperienced providers is difficulty handling larger accounts with multiple meters (anywhere from a dozen to thousands, each with different meter reading and billing dates).  Some energy providers may be unable to offer you a summary bill of all these separate locations, or may only do so very poorly after delays and inaccuracies.

That's why SaveOnEnergy.com grades suppliers on the quality of their billing system.  SaveOnEnergy.com only recommends suppliers that provide:

  • Billing accuracy
  • Easy-to-read invoices with no “small print”
  • Usage and rates clearly displayed on the bill
  • Online account management
  • Paperless billing
  • Multiple payment options such as credit card, automatic bank draft, online or payment by phone
  • Bill payment assistance and payment plans

This means with a supplier from SaveOnEnergy.com, your bills will be right the first time, and you won't have to fight suppliers just to get an accurate, easy to understand bill.

For Residential Customers:

Much of SaveOnEnergy.com's screening process for residential suppliers mirrors that applied to commercial suppliers.  Suppliers must still be financially sound and technically competent, with proven management.  Bills must be accurate and easy to understand, with features such as budget billing, payment assistance, and convenient payment options.

However, SaveOnEnergy.com also screens residential suppliers for the value-added services associated with the mass market.  Customers shouldn't expect to just get electricity when buying power now; they should expect a bonus or reward for their business and loyalty.  That's why SaveOnEnergy.com ranks residential suppliers based on the innovative or value-added services they offer, including:

  • Airline miles and companion tickets
  • Gift card offers
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Bill credits
  • Eco-friendly and renewable options

That way, customers get more bang for their energy buck, thanks to SaveOnEnergy.com

SaveOnEnergy.com also screens residential providers to ensure that there are no hidden fees; that all charges are listed clearly; and that signing up is simple and convenient (such as through online enrollment).

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