Businesses continue to increase their purchases of green energy, especially as the rates for green energy become increasingly competitive, if not cheaper, than rates for ordinary brown energy.  Aside from reducing pollution, business can benefit from buying economical wind energy, to meet either a portion or the entirety of their energy needs, since wind power can act as a hedge against volatile prices for brown energy, which follow any spikes in the price for oil and natural gas.  Businesses are also choosing green energy to boost employee morale, and show a public commitment to sustainability.

But as going green becomes more popular among businesses, more and more people want to sell businesses green energy.  Not all of these green companies are bona fide, and may not be selling green energy whose renewable supply and offsets have been verified by third parties.  Other green energy providers are start-ups who haven't been tested in the volatile energy industry yet, and lack the experience to manage a customer's supply needs in a turbulent market. ensures businesses find a reputable and experienced green energy provider, one that is offering true renewable energy supply or credits.  Founded and managed by energy industry experts with decades of experience, rigorously vets green energy suppliers to weed out the pretenders, and only recommends companies offering verified green energy who can stand behind their products.  By using, businesses can find a low rate for green energy while avoiding fly-by-night start-ups and other risky providers. also ensures businesses find the lowest rate for green energy by pitting green energy suppliers in head to head competition.  Using the one-of-a-kind commercial exchange portal pioneered by its parent,, only gives businesses the opportunity to get quotes for green energy rates from up to eight competing green energy providers, all with just a few clicks of the mouse. takes the hard work out of finding a green energy provider, making going green simple for businesses looking to help the environment and save money in the process.

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