September has seen a further reduction in natural gas rates offered by Georgia energy marketers at Atlanta Gas Light, where customers can choose their natural gas provider.

Generally, September Georgia natural gas prices declined another 5% from the already low levels seen in August, providing a further inducement to customers to shop ahead of the winter heating season, when prices will rise.

For example, back in February 2014 when demand for natural gas was higher due to the need for customers to heat their homes, many Georgia offers for a 1-year residential fixed natural gas rate exceeded 70¢/therm, with some plans exceeding 80¢/therm.

Now, with lower demand for natural gas, competitive marketers in Georgia are offering residential 1-year fixed natural gas rates in the 50¢/therm range.

And Georgia customers can realize big savings by shopping for a natural gas rate now, when prices are low.

The annual cost for a typical customer locking-in a fixed natural gas rate during February 2014, when prices were higher, would have exceeded $1,000 in some instances.

Using the lowest natural gas fixed rates available in the market today, the annual cost to that same customer would be about $750, or savings of 25%.

Choosing to switch to a lower natural gas rate has no effect on your service or reliability.  Atlanta Gas Light still maintains the pipes and delivers your gas as normal.  In fact, Atlanta Gas Light no longer sells natural gas supply to customers, so you're currently buying natural gas from a competitive marketer right now, whether you realize it or not.

With summer about to officially end, it's time for Georgia customers to check their energy rate, and shop for the best natural gas deal ahead of the winter.








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