Want to save on your electric bill?

It's simple, says a spokesperson for PPL Electric, a utility serving 1.4 million customers in Harrisburg, Allentown, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Lancaster, and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

Just shop.

That's what PPL Electric Utilities spokesman Paul Wirth told WFMZ-News.

At PPL and across Pennsylvania, customers can now choose their electricity supplier the same way they can choose their mobile phone company.  PPL still owns and maintains the wires, and delivers your power to you no matter who you buy it from.

Because PPL has served customers for decades, some customers don't shop out of loyalty to PPL, and they miss out on big savings.  But PPL no longer owns power plants, and doesn't directly supply your power anymore, and therefore isn't competing against the alternative electric suppliers in the market.  PPL, in fact, encourages customers to shop and choose a competing energy supplier.

"I'll tell you, I shop," Wirth told WFMZ.

"Many PPL employees shop because we know that we can save money," Wirth said.

For residential customers, when you shop for a competing electric supplier, your bill will look exactly the same, other than showing a lower electric rate, and you will continue to receive just one single bill each month.

And because PPL will still deliver your power, nothing about your service changes.  PPL responds to all outages and emergencies the same as always, no matter who you buy your power from.

Wirth told WFMZ that now is the time to shop for a competing electric supplier, in order to find a low electric rate before cold weather hits.

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