It's not that Texas business owners don't want to shop around for the best electric rate so they can cut costs and improve their bottom line; of course they do. But it's a complicated, opaque world out there in the electric market. There are dozens and dozens of competing electric companies all trying to spin their plan as the best. There are also a wealth of different products and options to choose from: fixed pricing, variable pricing, index pricing, blended pricing, and many more. It takes entire staffs dedicated to buying energy services at Fortune 500 companies to sift through this web of offers and competitors to find the best electric rate, but what are small and mid-sized businesses to do?

Online electricity comparison website has answered that question by making it easy for Texas businesses to capture the savings available from competition.'s one-of-a-kind commercial retail exchange portal gives businesses a simple, hassle-free way to receive electricity quotes from several competing, pre-screened energy suppliers, putting business owners in the drivers seat when it comes to finding the best electric rate.'s exchange portal, a breakthrough in the marketplace, makes shopping for electricity a breeze for business owners. All they have to do is enter their business address, utility territory (i.e., Oncor, CenterPoint, etc.) and monthly bill amount, and the information is transmitted in real-time to several competing energy providers. The providers then create customized price quotes for each business, and contact the businesses directly with their best offer, cutting down on the time it takes to shop by removing any intermediary steps. Because several energy suppliers are competing for the customer's business, the customer is assured of getting the best rate possible.

The convenience of's exchange portal, available anytime day or night, means business owners can shop on their schedules, and do not have to take time away from their other pressing tasks during business hours to call and research energy suppliers, distracting them from their core business.

And business owners can be assured all the electric companies on are financially sound, stable providers that won't leave the marketplace. extensively vets each energy provider, ensuring each has high levels of customer service, a strong balance sheet, innovative products, and savings. That means Texas business owners can shop for the best electric rate with piece of mind, knowing is taking the work out of buying electricity.

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