The arrival of spring weather -- or at least a taste of it earlier in the week -- means it's time for Georgia natural gas customers at Atlanta Gas Light to shop around for a lower natural gas rate.

Customers at Atlanta Gas Light have been given the right to choose their natural gas supplier. In fact, AGL no longer supplies natural gas -- it only delivers, through its pipes, gas supplied from competing natural gas marketers. You may not know it, but if you're on the AGL system, you're buying your gas from a natural gas marketer.

That means you have the ability to shop around for to find the lowest energy rate among competing providers.

And now with the worst of winter behind us, heating-driven natural gas demand will decline. As demand declines, so will natural gas prices, and Georgia gas marketers have already started lowering their rates.

If you've needed to shop for a new natural gas plan in Georgia, but held off because of the higher winter prices, now is the time to check the lowest natural gas rates in the market with SaveOnEnergy.

If you haven't checked your natural gas rate in a while, you could be paying as much as $1.25 per therm. That's more than double the low natural gas rates available on®.

Some competing providers on are offering natural gas rates under 50¢ per therm.

SaveOnEnergy makes finding a new Georgia natural gas provider fast and easy by unlocking the power of competition. Only SaveOnEnergy scours the market for the lowest rates from the most trusted and reputable providers, and puts all of them together in a convenient online marketplace so you can save money with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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