More and more, Texans are learning that being green doesn't mean having to spend more green.  With Texas leading the U.S. in the production of wind power, Texans can enjoy a low, stable, and most importantly pollution-free electric product for virtually no premium, all while reducing harmful emissions and helping the U.S. become more energy independent. is Texans' best source to find and compare renewable energy products and prices, making the choice to go green fast and easy.

Most customers want to go green to help the earth, but believe they'll have to pay more to do it.  With forcing electric companies to compete against each other, that's no longer the case.

For example, customers using in both the Dallas-Fort Worth (Oncor) and Houston (CenterPoint) regions can lock-in a low-fixed rate for 100% pollution-free power for a price in the 10-cent per kilowatt-hour range.  That's only 10% more than the low rates for so-called "brown" power that doesn't contain any green content.  More importantly, today's prices for green energy on are about half of what brown power cost just two years ago, when spiking natural gas prices caused conventional power prices to skyrocket.

Customers buying clean, renewable electricity don't have to worry about market fluctuations in the cost of natural gas, coal, or oil.  Locking-in a low rate for a wind power product shields customers from the rate volatility associated with conventional electric products, providing customers with guaranteed savings in addition to a reduced carbon footprint. is Texans' one-stop shop for finding a green energy provider.  By harnessing the power of competition to make green energy companies face off head-to-head, ensures Texans get the lowest rate for their green energy, meaning going green doesn't cost a lot of green. also boasts all of the features that make its sister site the top source for choosing an electricity provider. provides an easy to understand comparison of renewable electric rates, while also highlighting unique and value-adding features of different green products, such as rewards points, cash back, airline miles, and other bonuses.  This means going green doesn't have to be a hassle, and can be done in just a few minutes at any time, day or night.  That means Texans can start saving money and helping the environment faster by choosing a renewable energy product using

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