As gasoline, natural gas and other energy prices continue to reach new records, Texas businesses are increasingly shopping around for a better deal from their electricity provider . But doing all the research and calling every energy supplier for a quote can be a confusing and time-consuming process -- time business owners need to spend running their businesses and helping their customers.

Fortunately, someone has made getting energy price quotes from eight leading and reputable electricity suppliers a simple process that takes just a few seconds with one click of the mouse.’s one-of-a-kind Commercial Retail Exchange Portal for the Texas electricity market puts business owners in the driver’s seat, and gives them direct competitive bids from eight vetted energy suppliers . has done all the legwork in checking out the energy suppliers , ensuring that they have high levels of customer service and satisfaction, and innovative products that can save business owners money.

All that business owners have to do is enter their typical monthly electric bill payment into’s portal, plus their address and contact information, and eight energy suppliers can instantly compete head to head for the customer’s business. The electric providers contact the customer directly with their best offer, meaning there’s no intermediary adding time to the shopping process.

And the eight electric providers -- Ambridge Energy, Cirro Energy, Direct Energy, LPT (Liberty Power), Reliant Energy, Spark Energy, Suez Energy Resources NA and TXU Energy – rapidly respond to the customer’s information, sometimes giving a quote instantly. They pursue contacts from more aggressively than those from other sales channels, and accordingly do everything they can to give business owners their lowest possible offer to win the account from their seven competitors. That’s a winning proposition for business owners.

The electricity providers can also customize pricing to be unique to the business owner’s needs, but still respond within 2-3 days, so business owners can make a quick, but informed, decision and reap savings as soon as possible.’s commercial electric portal includes an area for business owners to request unique products or special attributes, such as the desire for carbon-free renewable power, or a product lasting a specific length of time. Business owners often include their typical monthly usage (in kilowatt-hours) and their so-called “ESI ID” (a special identification number) to facilitate greater customization of price quotes.

Business owners can also choose to let specific electricity providers, or all of them, access their past electric usage to allow for greater product customization and lower price offers, by completing a “Letter of Authorization.”

The end result is that business owners are able to get price quotes easier and faster, from reputable electric suppliers who will be in the marketplace for a long time and have a history of satisfied customers. That makes shopping for electricity more comfortable and less stressful, and providers business owners a real solution to rising energy bills.