With the start of a new year, businesses are preparing budgets for the next year, and looking for opportunities to save money and bring certainty to their expenses.

One of the fastest and easiest ways for businesses to do both is to shop for a new electricity supplier offering a low rate that meets their individual needs, with SaveOnEnergy.

In Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois and more than a dozen other states, businesses and other customers can choose their electricity provider, just like businesses shop for any other service from multiple vendors.  No longer are businesses tied to taking electricity supply from the monopoly utility; now they can negotiate a better electric rate in the same way they negotiate savings from all of their other vendors.

And shopping for a low electric rate can mean big savings for businesses.

Consider that even the smallest commercial users of power in the Philadelphia area at PECO -- those no different from an average home's power consumption -- can easily save nearly $500 annually by shopping for a low electric rate with SaveOnEnergy (based on currently available savings of over 3¢/kWh for a small business using 1,200 kWh monthly).

The savings will obviously be larger for businesses using more electricity -- reaching into the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

And shopping for an electricity supplier with SaveOnEnergy gives businesses more than just savings.  With SaveOnEnergy, businesses get custom electricity offers tailored to their specific needs and usage characteristics.  This doesn't just mean immediate savings, it brings certainty to businesses throughout the year that they won't get any surprises in their energy bills, freeing them up to attend to more important aspects of running their businesses and serving their customers.