One-year ago, Dallas-based revolutionized the way Texas businesses shop for electricity, giving them the ability to conveniently leverage the power of competition to get the lowest electric rate.  It's been a resounding success for businesses, with over 3,000 using's exchange portal to save on their electricity bills.

Only's exclusive commercial retail exchange portal gives Texas businesses of all sizes the opportunity to receive direct competitive bids for their electricity service from several competing energy providers.'s service took the stress out of finding an electric provider for my new business,” said Metroplex-based small business owner, Susan Dequeant of Special Occasion Chocolates who used the exchange this August to lock in a 24-month fixed rate for her business.'s industry-changing exchange portal lets energy companies compete head-to-head for the customer’s business, and makes it simple and fast for businesses to benefit from competition.  Business customers simply log on to the website, enter their business and usage information, and the information is then delivered real-time to each of several participating energy suppliers.  The suppliers then evaluate the information and contact the customer directly, rather than making customers go through a middle-man.

That drastically reduces the time it takes to find a new, cheaper electric rate, and lets businesses start saving money faster.  It also keeps them focused on running their business instead of searching for a new power provider.'s savvy small-to-medium business owners and operators are among the most knowledgeable in the buying market in understanding the positive impact the exchange portal can have on their businesses,” noted J.P. Schlensker, vice president of sales at Cirro Energy, one of the energy providers vetted and approved by's exchange portal only features premier energy suppliers that have a proven history in the electric market. only recommends energy companies that have robust financials, high levels of customer service, and innovative and low-cost products.'s screening process gives businesses using the exchange portal confidence they are getting quotes from only the best electric providers, and not fly-by-night companies which may not be around in a few months.

It all means's exchange portal is the best way for business customers to get competing electric quotes.  Fast. Easy. Convenient. gives Texas businesses the power of competition.