With winter heating about to start, the consumer watchdog organization Georgia Watch says now is the time for customers at Atlanta Gas Light to lock in a natural gas rate, according to 11alive.

Natural gas prices remain relatively low, 11alive reports, but prices are expected to start rising as winter sets in, and customers use more gas to heat their homes and businesses.

Customers at Atlanta Gas Light can get the best natural gas rate by shopping among multiple competing providers, and leveraging their power to choose, Georgia Watch says.

Even for customers who have shopped for a low rate before, it's important for customers to check their natural gas rate to see if they could save.

Many times, customers who previously signed up for a 12-month or longer fixed rate may not realize that their fixed rate has expired, and that they have been switched to a "default" rate which can vary month-to-month until the customer makes a new affirmative selection.

With the competition that has been introduced into the Georgia natural gas market, Atlanta Gas Light no longer sells natural gas to customers in Georgia.  It only delivers gas to customers from natural gas suppliers who compete to serve you.

More than 1.5 million natural gas customers in Georgia now shop for a competitive natural gas supplier.  When you shop for a natal gas marketer, AGL continues to deliver your gas with no change in service.  No new equipment or special meters are needed to switch, and AGL still responds to all emergencies and service disruptions as always.