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Where does Just Energy serve customers?

Just Energy is a retail energy provider that serves residential and commercial customers in the United States and Canada. The company offers customers a wide selection of electricity, green energy and natural gas supply plans at rates that could mean significant savings, depending on usage.

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Just Energy Rates

Please note: All rates below are accurate as of 11/13/2018, 1:33:54 PM CT for ZIP Code 77077. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
Just Energy TX - Texas Essentials 36 36 months $0.146 / kWh
Just Energy TX - Texas Advantage 24 24 months $0.148 / kWh
Just Energy TX - Texas Essentials 12 12 months $0.154 / kWh

Where does Just Energy operate?

Northeast Midwest South West
Delaware Illinois Florida California
Massachusetts Indiana Georgia
New Jersey Michigan Maryland
New York Ohio Texas

Why should I switch to Just Energy?

Just Energy serves 2 million residential and commercial customers from coast to coast. Many of those customers switched because of the company's commitment to delivering innovative products and services that provide comfort, convenience and control over energy usage - and so can you.

How much will I save by switching to Just Energy?

Just Energy plans and rates vary by location. If you are a Texas energy consumer, call now or enter your ZIP code to see rates from Just Energy and other providers in your area.

What rate plans does Just Energy offer?

Just Energy offers a variety of rate plans to suit your needs, including:

  • Variable rate plans: offer flexibility from month-to-month
  • Price secured rate plans: offer a stable rate for the length of the contract
  • Free Nights: offer free electricity every night during designated hours

Does Just Energy offer renewable energy plans?

Just Energy prides itself on its commitment to clean energy. Through the company's environmentally-friendly plans, Just Energy customers have offset over 2.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide - the equivalent of taking 458,000 cars off the road for an entire year!

  • JustGreen Natural Gas: by subscribing to this plan, Just Energy will purchase carbon offsets to counteract 100% of your household carbon emissions.
  • JustGreen Power: by subscribing to this plan, Just Energy will purchase Renewable Energy Credits on your behalf to ensure that all your household energy is generated from renewable energy sources.
  • Terrapass: by subscribing to this plan, Just Energy will purchase carbon offsets to counteract the carbon emissions from your day-to-day activities. This plan is not tied to your home energy use.

What other features and/or services does Just Energy offer?

SmartStat: A WiFi-enabled thermostat that takes into account elements such as weather, size of home, number of occupants and type of HVAC system to maximize your energy efficiency.

Smart Sprinkler Controller: Part of a water savings program, the sprinkler controller uses real-time weather data to determine exactly where and when to water your lawn. Conserve water while maintaining a beautiful yard.

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