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New Transmission Line Could Spread Texas Wind Energy to More States

Brittany Williams | Jul 11, 2014

A new transmission line, proposed by Pattern Energy, could help Texas share its vast energy resources with states in the East. Read More

4 Types of Green Energy Available in Pennsylvania

Brittany Williams | Jun 23, 2014

Even though Pennsylvania has one of the largest coal-mining industries in the nation, the state has grown its green energy production considerably with plenty of room to develop more. Read More

Wind Energy Helping to Keep Electricity Costs Low in Texas

Brittany Williams | Jun 20, 2014

Texas' expansive wind energy industry is doing more than providing clean power; it's also keeping the cost of electricity affordable during summer months. Read More

5 Outdoor Summer Savings Ideas

Brittany Williams | Jun 18, 2014

As summer quickly approaches and the warm air beacons, you might be concerned with the added costs of running the air conditioner and the carbon footprint that energy use will leave behind. Read More

7 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Green

Brittany Williams | Jun 11, 2014

You don't have to be an environmental enthusiast to see the value of making your home more environmentally friendly. Read More

Offshore Wind Farms Could Protect Against Hurricanes

Brittany Williams | Jun 9, 2014

Wind turbines have long been a respected source of renewable energy generation, but now it appears the structures, placed offshore, could provide a much needed safety feature – hurricane protection – according to a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. Read More

Top Energy-Saving Myths Debunked

Brittany Williams | Jun 4, 2014

One quick search on the Internet will bring up hundreds if not thousands of energy-saving tips promising to save you money on your next energy bill. Read More

Take a Tour of the Wind Farms in Pennsylvania - Part 3

Brittany Williams | May 12, 2014

In previous posts, we've taken a look at 16 of Pennsylvania's 24 wind farms. Read More

Conduct a DIY Home Energy Audit: Part 2

Brittany Williams | May 7, 2014

In our previous post about conducting your own energy audit we provided information on finding air leaks and inspecting the insulation levels in your home. Read More

Take a Tour of the Wind Farms in Pennsylvania - Part 2

Brittany Williams | May 5, 2014

Last week we began examining the wind farms scattered across Pennsylvania's ideal windy landscape. Read More