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Top 10 Green Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Brittany Williams | Apr 30, 2014

There are 84.5 million mothers in the United States, according to the last update from United States Census Bureau. Read More

Take a Tour of the Wind Farms in Pennsylvania - Part 1

Brittany Williams | Apr 28, 2014

As of 2013, Pennsylvania ranks 16th in the nation for wind energy generation. Read More

Conduct a DIY Home Energy Audit: Part 1

Brittany Williams | Apr 23, 2014

The first step in making your home more energy efficient is to see what improvements need to be made. Read More

Green Jobs Adding to the Economy

Brittany Williams | Apr 21, 2014

With a number of wind and solar energy projects in the works, green jobs are growing rapidly in the United States. Read More

UN Report: Switching to Clean Energy is Affordable and Necessary

Brittany Williams | Apr 14, 2014

In a landmark report released April 13, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found that abandoning fossil fuel-generated energy in favor of cleaner resources would have minimal impact on the global economy. Read More

Texas Dominates the Wind Energy Industry

Brittany Williams | Apr 14, 2014

Texas has always reigned supreme in the energy world. Read More

Best Energy-Saving Gadgets for Your Home

Brittany Williams | Apr 9, 2014

If you are ready to ramp up your home with the latest eco tools or you simply want to cut down on energy costs, these green gadgets could be just what you are looking for. Read More

Illinois Gas Rates Spike, Double What They Were Last Year

Brittany Williams | Apr 4, 2014

Illinois residents have started to see double-digit rate spikes on their heating bills. Read More

10 Texas Cities to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Brittany Williams | Apr 2, 2014

When it comes to finding the best place to live in Texas, you've got to factor in more than just home costs. Read More

Top 10 Cities to Visit for Earth Day in 2014

Brittany Williams | Mar 31, 2014

If you're looking for the ultimate Earth Day celebration this year, you've come to the right place. Read More