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Rhode Island Defers Increase in National Grid Electric Supply Rates, Rates Still Rise 30 Percent

Colin Murray | Dec 30, 2014

In a move which has injected uncertainty into the state's retail electric market, the Rhode Island PUC has deferred a portion of the required increase in electric rates for default service customers at National Grid. Read More

Inspector General Warns Lack of Municipal Aggregation Oversight Leaves Customers Vulnerable to Fraud

Colin Murray | Dec 26, 2014

The Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General has warned that a lack of oversight of municipal aggregation programs leaves electric customers vulnerable to, "fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement." Read More

National Grid Rate Hikes Confirmed for Large Business Customers

Colin Murray | Dec 19, 2014

National Grid in Massachusetts has filed its electric rates for industrial and other large business customers who purchase "basic service" power supply from the utility for the period February 2015 through April 2015. Read More

Hourly Variable Rates on the Horizon for PECO Business Customers

Colin Murray | Dec 11, 2014

More customers at PECO, which serves Philadelphia and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, will soon be subject to electric rates which vary by the hour, if they continue to buy their electricity supply from PECO. Read More

Data Confirms More Customers Exercising Their Power to Choose

Colin Murray | Dec 4, 2014

Despite a tumultuous winter, more and more customers continue to choose their energy provider in order to save on their electric or natural gas bill. Read More

PPL Commercial Electric Rate to Increase 10 Percent on December 1

Colin Murray | Nov 24, 2014

Commercial and other business customers at PPL Electric Utilities in Pennsylvania will see their electric rate increase 10% if they continue to buy their power supply from PPL instead of shopping for a competing electric supplier. Read More

Pittsburgh Businesses to See 10 Percent Electric Rate Hike If Buying Power from Duquesne Light

Colin Murray | Nov 20, 2014

Businesses in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will see 10% higher electric rates starting December 1 if they continue to buy their power supply from Duquesne Light. Read More

More Massachusetts, Connecticut Utilities See Electric Rate Hikes Up to 60 Percent

Colin Murray | Nov 13, 2014

More bad news for New England electric customers who continue to buy their power supply from the local utility, instead of purchasing their power from a competing electric supplier. Read More

Official: Electric Rates for Philadelphia-Area Residents, Businesses Will Increase in December

Colin Murray | Oct 23, 2014

A forecast spike in electric rates for customers in the Philadelphia area who continue to buy their power supply from PECO has been confirmed in the official Prices to Compare posted by PECO. Read More

Electric Rates to Rise for Central, Western PA Businesses

Colin Murray | Oct 16, 2014

Electric rates for medium and small business customers at the FirstEnergy utilities in central and western Pennsylvania will increase on December 1 for customers who continue to buy their power supply from the utility, with increases as high as 32% at some utilities. Read More