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More New England Electric Rates Expected to Spike, Another Utility Sets Rate at 15 Cents

Colin Murray | Oct 2, 2014

In the wake of National Grid in Massachusetts doubling its electric rate to 16¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh), or higher, for non-shopping customers, more New England electric utilities are forecasting higher rates, or have already received approval to double their electricity prices. Read More

PECO Forecasts Higher Electric Rates for Residential, Business Customers Starting Dec. 1

Colin Murray | Sep 29, 2014

PECO, the electric company serving Philadelphia and surrounding areas, expects electric rates to increase on December 1, according to estimated Prices to Compare released by the utility. Read More

Massachusetts Electric Rate Will Double for Customers Buying Supply from Utility

Colin Murray | Sep 18, 2014

Electric rates for Massachusetts customers at National Grid will spike to 16¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh), or higher, if customers continue to purchase their electricity supply from National Grid instead of shopping for a competitive electric supplier. Read More

September Brings Lower Natural Gas Rates to Georgia

Colin Murray | Sep 11, 2014

September has seen a further reduction in natural gas rates offered by Georgia energy marketers at Atlanta Gas Light, where customers can choose their natural gas provider. Read More

Proton Energy License Revoked, Customers Pay

Colin Murray | Sep 8, 2014

Recently, the Public Utility Commission of Texas revoked the electric supplier license of Proton Energy, a small retail electric provider (REP), which prompted a transition of customers to the Provider of Last Resort (POLR), a backstop service that carries a much higher rate than current electricity prices in the market. Read More

NY Utilities May Soon Pay Customers for Services

Colin Murray | Aug 28, 2014

New York electricity customers, especially businesses, may soon have many more options to monetize their actions taken to manage their electricity usage and/or reduce demand during times of grid stress, as New York looks to radically overhaul its existing electric industry structure to further empower customers. Read More

PPL Electric Rate To Decrease Sept. 1

Colin Murray | Aug 21, 2014

Although PPL Electric Utilities' electric rate, or Price to Compare, will decrease marginally on September 1, the new rates remain at elevated levels for residential and small commercial and industrial customers. Read More

Texas Business Electric Rates at Lowest Level of 2014

Colin Murray | Aug 8, 2014

Texas electric rates for commercial and industrial consumers are at their lowest levels of the year. Read More

"One Size" Electricity Plans Squeeze Chicagoans

Colin Murray | Aug 1, 2014

The City of Chicago, which runs an opt-out municipal electric aggregation, recently announced some high-profile changes to the aggregation's electric rate structure. Read More

PECO Business Customers to Pay More for Electricity Starting September 1

Colin Murray | Jul 25, 2014

PECO commercial and industrial customers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas will pay about 10% more for electricity starting September 1, if they continue to buy their electric supply from the utility. Read More