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Make Family Fitness Fun

Heather Bailey | Sep 19, 2016

The start of a new school year often brings new family routines. Read More

Do I Need a Generator for My Home?

Heather Bailey | Sep 14, 2016

The recent hurricane-turned-storm Hermine knocked the power out for hundreds of thousands of people up the East Coast, especially for those along Florida's Gulf Coast where it first hit land. Read More

10 Tricks for Cleaning With Lemons

Heather Bailey | Aug 29, 2016

At SaveOnEnergy.com®, we've long been a fan of using lemon juice as a natural cleaner around the house. Read More

Common Questions About Lightning and Staying Safe

Heather Bailey | Aug 24, 2016

Thunder and lightning storms are a natural part of summer. Read More

Rio Planning for a Green Olympics

Heather Bailey | Aug 6, 2016

The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro have gotten a bad rap even before they started August 5. Read More

Best Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Heather Bailey | Jul 22, 2016

With summer in full swing, you're probably already thinking about how to avoid mosquitoes. Read More

Easy Ice Cream Recipes for the Whole Family

Heather Bailey | Jul 4, 2016

If you're looking for a last-minute Fourth of July dessert, there's nothing that fits the American summer better than homemade ice cream. Read More

Enjoy All-Purpose Asparagus

Heather Bailey | May 11, 2016

Asparagus spears are about as perfect as a vegetable can get: hearty, flavorful, versatile. Read More

Rain Barrels: Basics You Need to Know

Heather Bailey | Apr 20, 2016

Among the shovels, sprinklers and potting soil needed to make your beautiful garden, consider another piece of equipment to be just as essential. Read More

What Is Meal Planning?

Heather Bailey | Apr 11, 2016

At the end of a long workday, most people dread driving home, figuring out what to have for dinner, then spending time preparing it. Read More