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Save More Energy This Holiday with Efficient Lights

Patrick McCaully | Dec 4, 2013

Even if you're a certified Griswold when it comes to home holiday decorations, you don't have to rack up an energy bill the size of Texas to win the most festive house on the block award. Read More

Is Water-free Fracking the Alternative We've Been Looking For?

Patrick McCaully | Nov 15, 2013

Of the many critiques of the hydraulic fracturing process, nearly all of them are linked in some way to water. Read More

The End of the Obama Administration's War on Coal?

Patrick McCaully | Oct 4, 2013

After 17 months of outcry, resulting in more than 2.6 million public comments, the U.S. Read More

The Right Refrigerator Can Help You Save On Energy Costs

Patrick McCaully | Oct 2, 2013

Although most people shopping for refrigerators are doing so either out of necessity or as part of a larger renovation of their entire kitchen space, taking the time to really shop around for the best refrigerator is something everyone should do. Read More

What if the World's Energy Future Really Is in Solar?

Patrick McCaully | Sep 30, 2013

That's the question enterprising inventor Ronald Ace from Maryland asked years ago as he embarked on a journey to develop a new take on solar energy. Read More

The Dawn of Large-Scale Solar Thermal Power Plants

Patrick McCaully | Sep 25, 2013

The solar energy industry made a giant step forward yesterday as the largest solar thermal project to date successfully completed its first test run. Read More

Saving Energy with a More Efficient TV - A Buyer's Guide

Patrick McCaully | Sep 25, 2013

With as much time as Americans spend in front of their televisions these days, there's never been a better time to emphasize the need for energy-efficient TVs. Read More

Looking for Creative Solutions to Fracking's Water Problem

Patrick McCaully | Sep 6, 2013

Among the many common critiques of the hydraulic fracturing process is its massive water use. Read More

Micro-housing: The New Housing Market

Patrick McCaully | Aug 28, 2013

Whether you're looking for affordable housing in a big city or are apt to pick up your things and move on at any moment, the micro-housing movement is presenting a variety of solutions with your needs in mind. Read More

What Is a Smart Grid Anyway?

Patrick McCaully | Aug 16, 2013

There's another buzzword out on the streets and airwaves - "the smart grid" is the wave of the future for the U.S. Read More