Discover CrossFit’s Green Approach to Fitness

July 1, 2017   By The SOE Team

Discover CrossFit’s Green Approach to Fitness

CrossFit is high impact on your body, but low impact on the environment. Workouts are intense and combine weight lifting, cardio, core training and more. CrossFit coach Stephen Sylvester gave us more details about CrossFit workouts and coaching methods. Workouts “employ the use of constant variance, meaning that they’re intended to keep your body guessing,” he said. Variance allows your body to adapt quickly, but there’s much more that goes into CrossFit programming. Sylvester told us how coaches must account for a number of details such as time restraints, injury and overuse prevention and movement progressions.

How are CrossFit gyms green?

CrossFit facilities – or “boxes” – are typically located in garages or warehouses and don’t require much energy to function. In a box, you won’t see rows of cardio machines plugged into a power source either.  Sylvester explained that common CrossFit machines with a display – such as the Concept 2 rower and Assault AirBike – have a battery that recharges it while the machine is used. CrossFit uses other non-electric equipment such as barbells, weights, jump ropes and medicine balls. Also, boxes typically don’t have air conditioning or excess lighting. Some rely on garage doors to bring in fresh air and natural light.

In addition, CrossFit “takes a holistic approach to fitness.” Coaches address areas such as strength, endurance, accuracy and coordination. Also, they stress the importance of fueling your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym. If you want to meet your ultimate fitness goals, coaches recommend avoiding sugar and high-glycemic carbohydrates such as bread, candy and soda. The official CrossFit site suggests eating meals that consist of meat, veggies, fruits and nuts – all of which are items you can shop for locally!

How to prepare for a CrossFit class

If you’re new to CrossFit, don’t be intimidated! Community is a huge key to the CrossFit philosophy – so expect constant communication and encouragement during workouts. Before you step into the action, go to a series of introduction classes to get the hang of different movements and techniques. Most CrossFit facilities make this mandatory for newcomers so they can learn about movements, how to progress and how to do so safely. Sylvester says attending these classes is “one of the most important things you can do to get the most out of your CrossFit experience and avoid injury.”

View some top CrossFit locations across the U.S.


CrossFit Saint Louis

About 10 years ago, CrossFit Saint Louis established itself as the first CrossFit affiliate in Missouri. Its facility has three floors of workout space, a supplement and gear store and a physical therapy and nutrition center. Aside from its impressive facility, CrossFit Saint Louis provides members with proper coaching and information to make educated decisions for their health, wellness and workout level.


Phone: 314-269-1035

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CrossFit Harbor East

Maryland’s Crossfit Harbor East has locations in Harbor East and Owings Mills. If you’re new to CrossFit, the box requires you to take three foundation classes to nail down basic techniques. Also, Crossfit Harbor East’s website has a “Coaches Corner,” where athletes can watch videos of common exercises such as squats, snatches and pull ups. This resource is available for members to focus and work on technique once they leave the gym.

Harbor East email:

Owings Mills email:

Phone: 410-402-0249

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CrossFit NYC

As the 16th oldest CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit NYC holds about 400 classes each week for its members. It has one location in the Flatiron District and one in the Upper West Side. It doesn’t matter what prior experience you have. The box offers classes for newcomers, experienced members and competitors. Also, members can track their workout results and overall health through an app – Beyond the Whiteboard – to improve and test their CrossFit progress.


Phone: 212-731-2165

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iamcrossfitI Am CrossFit

I Am CrossFit has six locations across. The box has more than 3,000 members and offers six different class options. According to its site, I Am CrossFit is considered one of the “Top 5 Affiliates” in the world by CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman.

Brickell email and phone:, 305-808-7449

Doral email and phone:, 305-591-9533

Coconut Grove email and phone:, 305-441-5511

Coral Gables email and phone:, 305-444-3866

South Miami email and phone:, 305-663-9477

Upper Keys email and phone:, 305-330-1732

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CrossFit Central

Nearly 10 years ago, CrossFit Central opened and became one of the first CrossFit affiliates. Not only did Crossfit Central open its third facility in 2012, but it also continues to hold boot camps in 13 locations around Austin, Texas. No matter what program you choose to attend, all offer features such as monthly skill and nutrition workshops, goal setting and personalized coaching.


Phone: 512-501-6450

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CrossFit Max Effort

Located in Nevada, CrossFit Max Effort opened its doors in 2011 and now has two locations – Central and West – in Las Vegas. CrossFit Max Effort offers classes for all ages and focuses on “quality before quantity” to ensure safety during workouts. The box created four fitness experience levels, which challenge athletes to perfect their technique and reach their ultimate fitness goals.


Central phone: 702-36

West phone: 702-207-3477

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