Eco-Friendly Workout Gear for the New Year

January 29, 2018   By The SOE Team

Eco-Friendly Workout Gear for the New Year

Starting a new fitness routine can be hard enough. You have to get used to a new instructor or gym or even a new schedule for working out. At the very least, you want to be comfortable in your clothing as you start your healthy adventure. Even better is if your new sports bra or running pants are easy on the environment. We’ve found several options that will not only help you get excited about your workout, but are eco-friendly too.

Choli Sup Yoga Top (Recycled Nylon) from Yoga Democracy

This top from Yoga Democracy has all the features of a desirable sports bra – sweat-wicking, quick-drying, fully lined and with seams that won’t chafe. Better yet, it’s made from recycled nylon, such as fishing nets, that requires only about 50 percent of the energy it takes to produce standard nylon. Yoga Democracy commits to making 95% of its clothing from recycled material.


Men’s Practice Top from Anjali

Made from an eco-friendly blend of organic cotton and bamboo, this top is not only environmentally responsible, it’s designed with rigorous activity in mind. The slim fit of this active top minimizes its potential to ride up while you’re upside down or running hard. With this kind of quality, it’s no surprise that the Anjali brand is the brainchild of fashion industry veterans.

Soul Flower1

Recycled Yoga Skirt from Soul Flower

This Recycled Yoga Skirt sticks to the values of Soul Flower – it’s made with organic cotton, recycled plastic and low-impact dyes. Not to mention, it’s a Soul Flower Original design. This Minnesota-based company even reuses packing materials that have been sent to them by others. Soul Flower hasn’t bought a single packing peanut or padded envelope in the past seven years.

Feather Legging from Inner Fire

Need another excuse to wear leggings every day? These leggings are made from recycled water bottles and are completely BPA-free. Inner Fire’s core values include respecting the planet and nurturing the global community. These Feather Leggings have a flattering design, and they use a special printing process so no ink is wasted and the colors don’t fade.

Cozy Sweater from Hyde

Once you put this Cozy Sweater on, you’ll never want to take it off. This sweater is perfect for both before and after yoga class, and it doubles as a savasana blanket. This company believes its connection to the earth should be steady and happy. Hyde uses organic cotton because it feels good on your skin, and it’s grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.


Neighborhood Weekender Pant from Evolve Fit Wear

Whether you’re headed to the gym, to yoga or you’re just lounging around the house, the Cory Vines Neighborhood Weekender Pant, found on Evolve Fit Wear, is a comfortable and stylish solution. With fabric partially manufactured from recycled materials that are 100% biodegradable, you won’t have to sacrifice the environment for the sake of being cozy!


Karla Shorties from Zuvi

What was once plastic bottles is now these shorties by Zuvi. You can wear them with a high waist or fold them down for a different kind of fit. These shorties are a great pick for any dance, yoga or fitness activity and are 100% sustainably made. With a goal of raising awareness about the environment and with all products constructed of materials made from recycled plastic, you can be sure that supporting Zuvi is supporting the environment.

harvest bra1

Horizon Bra from Harvest

Harvest makes this sports bra from Karmastretch, a mixture of polyester and spandex made from at least 80 percent recycled plastics found in the ocean. The material stretches in all directions, breathes easily and wicks away moisture from your body. The top has an open back and mesh panels for comfort. All clothing from Harvest is made from organic and/or recycled materials, and the company donates a portion of its sales to 5 Gyres, which works to keep plastic from the oceans.


Women’s Long Sleeve Hybrid T from Atayne

After Jeremy Litchfield went running in a red shirt on a hot day, he saw red dye left on his body. Jeremy was inspired to make a change. He founded Atayne with the vision of inspiring positive environmental and social change through the power of active lifestyles. Now the company uses 100% recycled polyester for all of its products, including this shirt. The materials are all certified to be free of harmful chemicals, and all of the products are made in the United States from start to finish.


Pants from Satva

On a mission to instill a balance between planet, people, production, philanthropy and profits, Satva leggings and pants use only fabric grown from 100% organic cotton. With a variety of designs and styles, including skirted pa
nts, this organic yoga wear can help you say namaste to Mother Nature every time you hit the mat.


Men’s Yoga Shorts from Yogiiza

Yogiiza’s mission is to give yogis an option that truly reflects the values of yoga when it comes to choosing clothing. The company uses natural and organic products to protect the planet. These Men’s Yoga Shorts are made with 100% organic cotton. They are specifically designed for men, with comfort and durability, making them perfect for yoga in a studio or at home.


Tank Top from Chewylou Designs

Chewylou aims to inspire goodness through positive thought (such as the messages on the tank tops) and promote physical and spiritual strength. Alyssa Dinowitz, a yoga instructor, started the company because she wanted to help others. Chewylou actively gives back to The Lupus Foundation of America, Best Friends Animal Rescue and more. The apparel company also uses AcmePrints to make its shirts responsibly. AcmePrints uses eco-friendly water-based inks and recycled, organic materials.