How to Make Your Own Mini Egg Garden

November 8, 2016   By The SOE Team

How to Make Your Own Mini Egg Garden

If you have a green thumb or consider yourself an artisan, creating unique crafts that incorporate plants should be up your alley. Silent Divine, an online plant shop based out of Charlotte, N.C., showed the® team how to upcycle eggshells and broken succulent stems to make a mini garden that can help eliminate waste. Check out how to turn the eggs you’ve used for baking into a cute and easy-to-make craft below.

Let’s get cracking

Optimized-Whole eggTo start, get supplies to bake a cake, make cookies or serve up a casserole. You want an excuse to make something delicious and unhealthy, so here’s your chance. Whatever you choose, make something that calls for eggs (preferably something that calls for at least six eggs so you have something to work with).

Before you actually make a dish, you’re going to make your mini egg garden. Lay out your eggs, then find a small bowl and knife. This is when things can get messy and tricky.

Tap around the crown

Instead of cracking eggs the old-fashioned way, hold your eggs carefully over a bowl and begin tapping around the crown of the egg with a butter knife. Be even and gentle as you tap around the top part of the egg. As you tap in a circle, you’ll begin to notice small cracks. If you need some reference, check out the video below:

Empty and repeat

Optimized-IMG_4564Once you have gently cracked a circle around the crown of the egg, use a knife to puncture the surface. With the knife slightly inserted into the egg, lift up and separate the top part of the shell from the bottom. Dump the contents into the bowl, setting them aside, and safely place the bottom portion back into the egg carton it came in.

Repeat this step for each egg, discarding the top portion of each eggshell and rinsing out the inside of each shell.

Fill the shells

Optimized-plantTake the egg shells and carefully place potting soil inside each shell. Save enough room for a small succulent, or a small piece of one. For those who already have succulents on their property, you can simply pinch off a small piece of one – or use a piece that you may have accidentally broken off. Plant the succulent inside the shell. Use caution, as the shell can easily break.

Succulents are hardy plants and easily grow with little amounts of watering. However, using a safety pin to make a small hole in the bottom of your egg shells can help drain any excess water to prevent root rot.

Voilà – it’s time to show off your crafty skills

Optimized-FinalNow that you have successfully created “egg plants,” it’s time to share your creation! Be sure to tag on Facebook and Twitter so the team can see how well you made your very own mini egg garden.

Upcycling is reusing an item to create a new product of higher value than the original, and we definitely think this is a great example.

Now, go bake that cake! You deserve it.